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Skype for Mac

Voice-over-Internet phone and chat software.It

Name: Skype
Publisher: The Skype Group
OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Downloads: 1,112
Latest Update Mar 27, 2011
License: Free
File Size: 42.4 MB

Skype from The Skype Group

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Skype lets you talk to friends, family and colleagues across the Internet without long distance charges. It works using P2P technology for transmitting data, which means there is no central server as a middle manager.

What's new in this version:

Version 2.8:

Skype access: A notification message error appeared "This Wi-Fi hotspot does not support Skype Access" when users try to connect to Skype access at the airport was disabled.
Chat: text is not visible in the input field in the cat contained a Unicode character.
Contacts: platform specific - Skype for Mac OXS 10.3 (Panther), Skype has frozen after deleting unread missed events.
Contacts: mood message seemed empty after playing iTunes. Contact: Contacts were still visible in the "Manage contact groups" after deleting the contact list.
Video: Video seemed empty between Skype Skype for Windows and Mac.
Video: A video error message appeared at the beginning of a video call.
Video: video and feature screen sharing not working after a multi-cat
Screen sharing: The beneficiary is left black screen after screen sharing is resumed.
Screen Sharing: A green line appears when the screen sharing between Skype Skype for Windows and Mac OXS 10.4 (Tiger).
Screen Sharing: Skype freezes when screen sharing between Skype Skype for Windows and Mac.
Various: A message misinformation published in the seizure of more than 20 characters for a password.
Various: The Show in Finder option was not available after cancellation of a file transfer.
Miscellaneous: platform specific OSX 10.3 (Panther), Skype could not connect to the network. Skype freezes when selecting "Quit Skype.
Various: The typing indicator appeared in a multi-chat, even if there were no strikes.
Miscellaneous: An informational message is incorrect when you try to call an emergency number.
Miscellaneous: Commas are not visible in the mood messages.
Various: A username and password on the ground seemed empty after selecting the option "Remember my name and my password on this computer.
SMS: Error message appears when you drag and drop a participant in a group SMS.
SMS: An error occurred when closing the window after sending SMS to multiple recipients.
SMS: SMS does not recognize the feature recently updated the phone numbers associated with Skype Out contacts.
SMS: ringing sound was not available on incoming calls.


Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Internet Connection
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Skype from The Skype Group

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