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Final Cut Pro 7 for Mac

This update corrects problems with real-time playback in Final Cut Pro with Mac Pro (Early 2009)...

Name: Final Cut Pro 7
Publisher: Apple Inc.
OS: Mac OS X 10.5.5Â
Downloads: 852
Latest Update Apr 21, 2011
Version: 7
License: freeware
File Size: 0.8G

Final Cut Pro 7 from Apple Inc.

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Final Cut Pro 7 has attract attention among new ProRes flavours,the main focus is to enhance stability, speed, and productivity.The new variations are designed to broaden the codec family's capabilities into higher-end post production, news markets, and offline editing.

  • broad format support
  • incredible effects and transitions
  • seamless collaboration
  • digital cinema workflows
  • It doesn't support Blu-ray authoring, encoding, or burning


Powerful new features and time-saving improvements of Final Cut Pro 7 help you work faster than ever. Whether you’re working solo or collaborating with a team, Final Cut Pro 7 gives you more creative options and technical control.

The new software will also take advantage of core technologies within Mac OS X, such as Grand Central Dispatch, Cocoa, Core Animation, and Open CL. Photography Bay has liveblogged the whole preview event and has a comprehensive blow-by-blow explanation of the new features in Final Cut Pro X.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.5Â


When a large file is being copied, a "Skip" button will enable and a running total of the bytes being copied is displayed.New scheduling option that will retry a synchronization if errors were found in the previous synchronization.


the interface is friendly and beautiful, all of the buttons used is designed on porpuse which enables us find it easily.


Selling Final Cut Pro X as a standalone app in the Mac App Store signals the third Apple software suite to be split into separate apps since the store was launched.Apple used the same strategy with Aperture, releasing its professional photography software as an $80 download, more than $100 less expensive than the boxed version.

The must-have upgrade to Apple's award-winning suite of video and audio production. With six powerful applications, each designed specifically for editors, Final Cut Studio 2 puts everything you need in a single box.

Learn more about Final Cut Studio.

What's new in this update fixes the problems VersionThis with real-time playback in Final Cut Pro with Mac Pro (Early 2009) models and Xserve (Early 2009) models. For more information on this release, see the notes theRelease.
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Final Cut Pro 7 from Apple Inc.

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